Being A Savvy Tenant in A Demanding Rental Market

In the Pinellas County rental market – housing is in high demand and finding a nice property can be extremely challenging especially when you are competing against other possible tenants. Maneuvering through the rental market is easier if you are a proactive renter.

Locating A Property

The internet is the most useful tool in today’s market, but unfortunately many of the websites that pull them are out of date. As soon as you locate a property call immediately. Emailing can slow the process down and cause you to lose a potential property. If you cannot reach someone and there is an address – drive by the property. Often times there will be additional information on the sign that you can obtain. When you reach the property manager – put your “best foot forward” and always be polite and courteous.

Viewing and Applying For the Property

After viewing the desired property if you are interested follow up immediately. If a company has an online application, complete it, being as thorough as possible and pay the application fee. Once submitted call or email the property manager to alert them that you have followed the instructions and submitted the application.

Understanding Your Rental Worthiness

While credit is a big part of the decision-making process, it is not that all that counts. Most companies will also do a search on your civil and criminal background. They are also looking that you have stable employment and can afford the rental you are applying for. Lastly they want to see a stable rental history.

Evictions and Foreclosures may not rule you out, but you want to disclose anything derogatory upfront and offer to pay a higher security deposit. Don’t wait for them to find an issue, always inform the potential landlord before they run the application. This will help save you money if it won’t work or build good rapport with the property manager if they will consider you.

Securing the Rental

Your move in date also will affect the decision making process for a management company. The sooner you are willing to move in may be the deciding factor when up against another possible renter. Once approved, do not delay in bringing the landlord the security deposit and executing the rental agreement. A property is not yours until the lease is signed by all parties.

Even though Saint Petersburg and the surrounding cities of Pinellas County can be a demanding rental market – if you are a savvy tenant you are on your way to securing a property you can call home.