Electrical Bill Too High?

Paying rent isn’t the only bill you have to worry about as a tenant. There are many bills that you have to pay each month. Rent is of course the number one priority as a tenant, for you want to ensure that you always have a roof over your head. The next bill in line of importance is your electrical bill. Electrical Bills tend to be one of the more expensive bills you are having to pay.

Here are a few ways to REDUCE YOUR ELECTRICAL BILL:

THERMOSTAT- Your thermostat is a big cause for such an expensive electrical bill. In the winters with the heat warming up your house, and the air conditioning cooling the house in the summer. Reducing the use of your thermostat might seem harder than it is. You would think that your heat needs to be on constantly in the winter to keep you and your family from freezing. One thing you could do both in the winters and summers is keep your air conditioning and heat off until you are home. There is no need to be heating or cooling your house for no one. Just doing the simple step of not using the air conditioning and heat when nobody is home will save you a great amount of money. Another way you can save money is on a nice day open up your windows and turn the air conditioning off. If it beautiful outside there is no need to be wasting your money; take advantage of the great weather and open up your windows. Also, during the cold winters covering your windows with curtains can help reduce the heat loss and helps keep the heat that you’re paying for inside.

LIGHTING- Your lights also add onto that big electrical bill. One way you can reduce the price of the lights are change all the bulbs to LED bulbs. LEDs can help save up to almost 80% of the energy you use when using your lights. By changing all the bulbs in the house to LEDs that saves you money right there. Another way to save is to turn lights off. You don’t need to light a room with no one in it, so turn the lights off. Once you have picked out the perfect outfit for the day turn the lights off in the closet. There is no reason for you to be wasting money for your closet to be lit up all day. Also, open up your blinds during the day and keep the lights off. The sunlight will do the same job as the lights but it will be for a lot better price, free!

WATER HEATER- I know some days a long hot shower just sounds heavenly, but those heavenly showers are adding onto your monthly bill. Heating your water takes lots of energy which is what causes it add lots of money onto that bill you dread paying. After a hot day outside, come home and take a nice cold shower; it will feel refreshing and save you money. Another way that will help you save is turn on you shower then jump on in. Don’t turn on your shower and walk away then forget and come back twenty minutes later. That extra twenty minutes the shower is running will not only waste water, but the hot water that you are paying your hard-earned money for.

By reducing the energy you use in your house you will reduce the price you pay at the end of the month. If you follow those steps of reducing the use of the thermostat, lights, and water heater you will greatly reduce the ending amount you owe at the end of the month.